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Does this describe your business’ online marketing program?  You have a website – but it likely lacks current information and needs updates.  If you have social media platforms, you find them difficult to maintain and don’t know if they work.  You may have signed up for various directories – or sometimes find unwanted descriptions of your business on various sites – and you’re upset by the contradictions and variations.  Your branding isn’t consistent from your website to social media to e-newsletters to advertising to directories.  Overall, while you have an internet presence, you know it is disjointed and you’re not sure how well it is working to bring in new customers to your business.

“Integrated Internet Marketing”

So what can be done to fix this mess? Experience the dramatic results of “integrated internet marketingExemplar Digital Marketing has developed this unique concept — “integrated internet marketing brings all of your internet marketing efforts together into a combined, effective and cohesive campaign.  Instead of having different firms develop and manage your internet marketing platforms, Exemplar Digital Marketing does it all for you.


How We Help

We use our strategic marketing expertise, developed through decades of experience, to develop an integrated internet marketing program for your firm, combining and leveraging numerous techniques to maximize your investment. Exemplar Digital Marketing takes pride in developing internet marketing products that are designed for your particular set of needs.  We are not your typical “cookie-cutter” web design or social media firm that makes you do 90% of the work.

Uniquely, we can develop branding/positioning strategies, write website and social media content, create your logo, design a custom site that represents your firm, enhance your search engine optimization efforts, create and distribute e-newsletters, handle online public relations and advertising, and track results. We’re your one-stop-shop for internet marketing!

Our services include:

Experience the Exemplar Digital Marketing difference!

If you are looking for experienced marketing professionals (i.e., our founder has an M.B.A. in Marketing and over 25 years of experience) who can handle all of your internet marketing needs, contact Exemplar Digital Marketing today.