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Strategic Marketing Planning:

What you need to know for 2021   "Uncertainty" has been a keyword for 2020 - yet how certain is 2021? Marketing planning has likely never been needed more for your business than it is now! When the economy is roaring, it can seem that planning is easy. But when times are tough and uncertain, [...]

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Article – How to Choose a Website Developer

If your business needs to update your website, it can be a daunting task sorting through the numerous website development vendors. How do you know which to choose?  Here are 10 key questions to ask: What is their experience level? There are many newcomer wanna-be website developers.  Don’t become their experiment.  A qualified website developer should [...]

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Resuming Business Operations:
Is Your Website Ready to Perform?

Now that Gov. Newsom has announced California could be just weeks away from modifying stay-at-home orders, it is time to develop key action steps to move your business forward and re-establish itself in the marketplace. Digital (online) marketing has become more important than ever during the COVID-19 crisis - with business owners working from home, [...]

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Exemplar newsletter – Strategic Planning for Success in 2nd Half of 2020 — Weekly Marketing Resources during COVID-19

Our latest issue of “ "Your One-Stop Shop" newsletter  has just been published.  Excerpt: As we navigate the COVID-19 environment, your marketing activities need to adapt. It is crucial to have a clear perspective on the future, identifying specific strategies and action steps that your firm can undertake to be successful. Below are some key marketing [...]

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Article: Establishing A Marketing Budget

A budget can be an important tool in tracking marketing efforts to determine their effectiveness.  It helps partners/shareholders to understand the crucial role of marketing in the business’s overall performance.  It acts as a gauge to test the business’s level of commitment to marketing.  It also allows the controller/administrator to manage spending on client relations [...]

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Article: Your Marketing Department – Inside, Outside or Both?

As you plan for the success of your marketing efforts, the selection of qualified personnel is obviously critical.  A marketing department for a small to mid-sized business can take many shapes.  Here are some options: In-House Personnel Some businesses can afford to hire an in-house marketing person(s).  There are numerous variants of this form, some [...]

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Article: A Roadmap to Success – Strategic Marketing Plans

Failing to plan is planning to fail … Can you afford to waste time and money?  Far from it, your business is likely looking at ways to cut costs.  So why put your dollars into futile marketing efforts?  You know that you must market, or watch your business die, but isn’t there a better way [...]

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Article: Preparing for Marketing Success

Six Key Steps to Success … Managing your business is always a challenging task.  Whether your most pressing issues are personnel, work-in-process, client concerns, vendor relations, or finances, it seems like there is always something that keeps your schedule full, right?  With all of these consuming functional areas of your day-to-day work, marketing can often [...]

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