(hint – if your favorite reptile is below, your website might qualify for an overhaul)

You might have suspected that your website needs work. Here are a few questions to consider in your evaluation …

  1. Does it look out-of-date, not contemporary? Is it more than 5 years old?
  2. Is the home page image full screen? Or do you have margins/borders on each side?
  3. Is it professional looking? Does it look like a home-spun site? Is it an embarrassment to the professionalism of your firm?
  4. Does it work effectively on mobile devices?
  5. Is the navigation (menu) difficult to use or confusing?
  6. Is it cluttered with too much information and/or images?
  7. Does it integrate social media?
  8. Does your site regularly provide current information, if not on a daily basis than at least weekly?
  9. Does it incorporate your firm’s “brand” concept?
  10. Is it properly positioned for your target market?
  11. Are your firm’s services explained in a compelling manner?
  12. Will a prospect be able to discern your firm’s key selling points?
  13. Do you have consistent traffic?
  14. Are new clients generated via your website?
  15. Is the text poorly written?
  16. Do your clients see it as a resource?
  17. Does it help you to implement regular client communication?
  18. Are the graphics a distraction or complementary?
  19. Are there any pixelated photos?
  20. Does maintenance of the site take an inordinate amount of your personnel’s time or is it outsourced to professionals?

If you find that you’ve checked some of these items, it is probably time to update if not completely replace your website. Consider using Exemplar Digital Marketing for your website design.  Our professionals have decades of experience in developing hundreds of websites.  We are cost-effective, responsive and work with you to design a website to meet your specific needs.

Contact Exemplar Digital Marketing if you’d like an estimate for your website development project.