This project involved not only extensive website design but a full array of content options.  

Exemplar’s Website Development Expertise

Exemplar focuses on designing websites that meet your specific objectives.  A key aspect of our website development is integrating the design with the client’s overall marketing efforts.

Exemplar applies our business expertise in strategy, market analysis, content and design in developing effective websites that are professional-looking and bring results. We design sites specifically tailored to your chosen target markets and to best represent your firm’s unique selling points.

Some of our clients want highly creative designs that stand out in the marketplace, while others want a conservative look. Other clients seek to gain significant new business through having a website, while others use it as primarily a client relations vehicle. Most firms appreciate having a design that complements existing corporate materials, so that there is consistency for branding and image building purposes.   We discuss these and other options with each client at the outset of the design process.

Exemplar’s design services include:

  • Developing an entirely new website (desktop and mobile responsive)
  • Fixing your current website, including navigation improvements, enhanced graphics, new photos, and rewriting/updating the content.
  • User-generated content: Whether your desire is for blogs, webinars or other interactive content, we can help.
  • Clients-only privacy: We offer capabilities to help your clients access and send sensitive information in a secure structure, such as documents and billing and payment systems.
  • Social media campaigns, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and other platforms that suit your objectives.
  • Search engine optimization integration

See EXAMPLES of our recent website development projects.

Why Choose Us

  • Uniquely, we implement an “Integrated Internet Marketing” approach that is cost-effective and brings results
  • We’re your one-stop-shop for internet marketing!
  • Exemplar offers an unmatched ability to blend strategy with the selection of marketing tools
  • Our business expertise is critical to our success!  We don’t just create “pretty designs” – we help generate new business for you!
  • We make your life easier by taking care of all the details
  • Our professionals are true marketing experts, not simply designers or communication majors
  • Exemplar’s service is outstanding – great turnaround, courteous staff, excellent results

What Clients Say

The website has generated very favorable responses. I really like the looks, content that you wrote, and how easy it is navigate. Excellent job!
Partner, Financial Services Firm
I highly recommend Exemplar’s services to anyone looking to grow their business and differentiate themselves in a competitive marketplace.
Partner, CPA Firm
Thank you for everything you are doing. There is no way any of this could have been done without you.
Partner, Law Firm