Idea of the Month: E-blasts - Systemize them!   Seasoned marketing experts rank newsletters/e-blasts as one of the most effective techniques for imaging/awareness building, new customer acquisition, and customer retention.  Why? Targeting: You can build a database of your known contacts — current and past customers, business contacts and other referral sources, and prospective customers who [...]

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Article of the Month: Targeting Profitable Markets   Are your current market segments unprofitable? Is there not enough growth potential? Or are you just ineffective in your marketing and sales activities? Before launching into new targeted markets, take time to do marketing planning and analysis, which can save you time and money, while making your [...]

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Recent Engagement: Branding for Restructured Business   In this engagement, a new composition of top management (some left, others stayed) was the impetus for our client to seek rebranding for the “new company.”  Exemplar Digital Marketing was called in to get it done (click here to learn more about "branding and positioning"). The time frame [...]

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Want to survive and even grow in 2021?

Idea of the Month: Strategic Marketing Plans     Strategic marketing planning is the single most important factor to long-term marketing success. An effectively designed "Strategic Marketing Plan" should be the foundation of your firm’s marketing efforts throughout the year, providing specific direction and a method to measure and control your efforts. Far too many firms jump [...]

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Maximizing Your Marketing Personnel

Article of the Month: Your Firm’s Marketing Department – Inside, Outside or Both?       As you plan for the success of your marketing efforts, the selection of qualified personnel is obviously critical. A marketing department for a small to mid-sized business can take many shapes. Here are some options (read article here) ...

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Your Critical Internet Foundation

Recent Engagement: Website Replacement   We are frequently contacted by new clients who have heard of Exemplar Digital Marketing’s website development expertise and want us to overhaul or upgrade their website.  These clients recognize that their website is the foundation of their internet marketing, so it is critical to have a top-end website presence. In [...]

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Cutting-Edge Techniques for
The New Era of Digital Marketing

Part III: Maximizing Digital Marketing Techniques during COVID-19   by Kevin W. Brown, M.B.A. {Note: This is the 3rd article in a 3-part series} In the last issue of this three-part article on "Cutting-Edge Techniques for The New Era of Digital Marketing,” we focused on focus is on two critical strategic issues: establishing results-driven goals, [...]

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