Want to survive and even grow in 2021?

Idea of the Month: Strategic Marketing Plans     Strategic marketing planning is the single most important factor to long-term marketing success. An effectively designed "Strategic Marketing Plan" should be the foundation of your firm’s marketing efforts throughout the year, providing specific direction and a method to measure and control your efforts. Far too many firms jump [...]

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Maximizing Your Marketing Personnel

Article of the Month: Your Firm’s Marketing Department – Inside, Outside or Both?       As you plan for the success of your marketing efforts, the selection of qualified personnel is obviously critical. A marketing department for a small to mid-sized business can take many shapes. Here are some options (read article here) ...

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Your Critical Internet Foundation

Recent Engagement: Website Replacement   We are frequently contacted by new clients who have heard of Exemplar Digital Marketing’s website development expertise and want us to overhaul or upgrade their website.  These clients recognize that their website is the foundation of their internet marketing, so it is critical to have a top-end website presence. In [...]

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Cutting-Edge Techniques for
The New Era of Digital Marketing

Part III: Maximizing Digital Marketing Techniques during COVID-19   by Kevin W. Brown, M.B.A. {Note: This is the 3rd article in a 3-part series} In the last issue of this three-part article on "Cutting-Edge Techniques for The New Era of Digital Marketing,” we focused on focus is on two critical strategic issues: establishing results-driven goals, [...]

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Strategic Marketing Planning:

What you need to know for 2021   "Uncertainty" has been a keyword for 2020 - yet how certain is 2021? Marketing planning has likely never been needed more for your business than it is now! When the economy is roaring, it can seem that planning is easy. But when times are tough and uncertain, [...]

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Resuming Business Operations:
Is Your Website Ready to Perform?

Now that Gov. Newsom has announced California could be just weeks away from modifying stay-at-home orders, it is time to develop key action steps to move your business forward and re-establish itself in the marketplace. Digital (online) marketing has become more important than ever during the COVID-19 crisis - with business owners working from home, [...]

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Strategic Planning for Success in 2nd Half of 2020

-- Weekly Marketing Resources during COVID-19 -- As we navigate the COVID-19 environment, your marketing activities need to adapt.  It is crucial to have a clear perspective on the future, identifying specific strategies and action steps that your business can undertake to be successful. Below are some key marketing resources to help your business … [...]

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