20 Signs That Your Website Needs Updating

(hint - if your favorite reptile is below, your website might qualify for an overhaul) You might have suspected that your website needs work. Here are a few questions to consider in your evaluation … Does it look out-of-date, not contemporary? Is it more than 5 years old? Is the home page image full screen? [...]

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Social Media: Research Shows Current Trends

Is your firm actively using social media to reach your audience? If not, consider these facts: Around 7 out of 10 Americans use social media to connect with one another, engage with news content, share information and entertain themselves. (Source: Pew Research Center) Approximately 1 million new active mobile social users are added every day – [...]

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How to OPTIMIZE Your Internet Marketing

Websites, Social Media, E-communication, SEO -- and more! Does this describe your business' online marketing program?  You have a website – but it likely lacks current information and needs updates.  If you have social media platforms, you find them difficult to maintain and don't know if they work.  You may have signed up for various [...]

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Sample Email

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