What you need to know for 2023

Marketing strategy

Can you afford to waste time and money? So why put your dollars into futile marketing efforts? You know that you must market but isn’t there a better way than just “staying busy” in marketing?

We believe that far too many businesses jump into the marketing process without a clear vision and understanding of what they want to achieve and how they are going to accomplish it. This can translate into many thousands of dollars wasted on advertising, ineffective internet marketing, fruitless public relations campaigns, etc. What is a needed? A PLAN, A PLAN!

If your business is interested in planning for success in 2023, contact us about our Strategic Marketing Plans.  We can meet with you soon to develop a comprehensive marketing plan to help launch your successful efforts!

There is truth in the statement “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” Here are five tips to help get your firm on the right track for 2023:

1. Make marketing a top priority

Marketing is your business’s lifeline to survival; without it, a business will likely eventually shrink and die. Through marketing, your business can reach new cusotmer/clients and achieve additional revenues from existing and previous customers/clients. Realize that marketing is an investment, not just an expense.  Commit to doing it regularly.

2. Develop a Strategic Marketing Plan

Most businesses that have long-term success take the time to plan.  It is important to realize that there is no such thing as an effective “canned marketing program” for all businesses.  A successful businesses will have a “Strategic Marketing Plan” written specifically for its unique parameters.  Hire a qualified marketing consultant to research and prepare your plan.  If you don’t, you’ll likely end up wasting time and money.

3. Allocate a committed budget to marketing

For marketing programs to be consistent and objective-oriented, they require an established budget.  Discretionary budgets are devastating to the effectiveness of any marketing program.  Don’t cut your marketing budget – let your competition cut theirs.  If your competitors cut back, your “share of market voice” grows even stronger.

4. Maintain consistency in marketing

Marketing programs should be consistent, year-round efforts because “stop-and-go” marketing always bring mixed results.  This can be particularly difficult for smaller businesses, since those personnel involved in marketing activities likely also have significant customer/client obligations.  However, it is crucial to have consistent implementation, since this will maximize your efficiency and effectiveness.  It is also easier to rate the productiveness of an activity if it is carried through to completion.

5. Outsource Your Marketing to Experts

Consider outsourcing your marketing needs to highly-qualified businesses who are knowledgeable, efficient and productive.  At Exemplar Digital Marketing, we started this approach in 1991 and have been helping customers/clients with their outsourcing needs ever since.  For those who need regular support, we offer a “Part-Time Director of Marketing” service which allows outsourcing of all your marketing needs, avoiding the fixed payroll expense yet providing highly experienced, specialized strategic and implementation assistance.