Recent Engagement:

Branding for Restructured Business


In this engagement, a new composition of top management (some left, others stayed) was the impetus for our client to seek rebranding for the “new company.”  Exemplar Digital Marketing was called in to get it done (click here to learn more about “branding and positioning”).

The time frame was less than 30 days, which may seem extremely short but is actually something Exemplar Digital Marketing has done many times over for various clients.  Some key accomplishments of this project included:

  • Customer communications: It was important to the partnership to maintain continuity (and avoid concerns of a big shakeup) with their existing customers, so that customer retention would be a non-issue, while at the same time use the opportunity to update long-overdue branding for the business.  These concerns were addressed in our communication campaign, beginning with the initial announcement and continuing over a planned one-year program of communicating the company’s key benefits and abilities.
  • Corporate image package: As part of the client’s branding program, we emphasized the company’s key strengths and unique characteristics that would help it stand out in the market.  A professional, striking logo was developed, along with stationery materials.
  • Website and e-brochures: We built the client’s new website, including writing all content, designing the site, launching it and promoting it to search engines.  The company also wanted a series of brochures in print and e-formats, which we created along with cover letters to send to their contacts.
  • Public relations: Our approach to the company’s relaunch was a positive spin (vs. a perception of problems which may have caused the break-up of the partnership).  An announcement was sent to key contacts, and postings were communicated on social media platforms, website postings, and an e-blast announcement.

Questions? Whether your business is reforming or simply needs a “brand refresh,” we can help.   Contact the experts at Exemplar Digital Marketing.