Exemplar Digital Marketing encourages our employees to bring fresh insights to our business.  We think its great that they have diverse outside interests, especially enjoying the outdoors, traveling throughout the U.S. and abroad, and experiencing museums, music, art and other cultures.  Physical activity is always a plus – it helps us to be healthy and energetic.  All of these traits are brought to our clients in the form of creativity, insights and high energy levels to accomplish our clients’ goals.

KevinPresident and founder
Our visionary founder. Highly educated (M.B.A. in marketing), decades of experience, multi-talented. Loves the outdoors and traveling, as you can tell from his photo!
JasonWebsite developer, social media coordinator
Creative, intuitive and on the leading edge of e-communication techniques. Jason adds lots of value with his insights and great marketing ideas.
DaneilCommunications coordinator
Daniel is an excellent writer. He convincingly conveys our clients’ products and services through website content, social media posts, e-newsletters, blogs, advertising and publicity.
AaronSocial media assistant
Aaron loves the fast pace of social media marketing. He has an education and experience in video production, which helps our clients who need YouTube videos produced.
LeslieOffice administrator
Leslie knows what it takes to keep our office running smooth and on-course. Her cheery outlook and engaging smile keep our employees and clients happy all day long!